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Windows Vista hates me…:-((

Forgive me father for I have sinned. I have had many horrible thoughts of how I wanted to kill my computer. I’ve thought of choking it to death and putting the body in a lake. I have also wanted put it into a meat grinder and then bury what’s left of it in the backyard. And if that isn’t bad enough, to top it off I would also like to throw it into oncoming traffic and then stomp it and set it on fire till I can’t tell what I’m looking at anymore. By now you’ve got to be thinking, OMG! What on earth did Windows Vista do to deserve such a fate, well let me explain. Got a brand spanking new laptop with Windows Vista on it. Well not too long after the purchase I started noticing problems. The computer started shutting down on its own accord and it crashes every chance it gets. And this darn thing doesn’t even have the decency to let you complete what your working on before out of nowhere it decides to shutdown. I mean who gave it the right. Also after a good while of having these complications I take the pc up to the Geek Squad hoping they can save it’s life because I’m nearing my boiling point. Got the computer back and same problems but now their worse. For a long time I couldn’t even turn the pc on. Then I go and get a new hardrive and install it. Ugh big mistake. It still won’t act right and the same error message keeps coming up telling me uninstall Windows and reinstall it again because Windows is having problems. I really wish I could but the friggin computer won’t play any cd’s I put in it. It just kicks’em right back out. Ya know if I could I would beat the hell out of this thing but its all I got.