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Please…For the love of all that is sane…Pick…Up…A……BOOK!!!!

I’m truly sorry if this offends anyone out there, but I’m so sick and tired of seeing people of my demographic wasting their lives away in the chaos that is poverty. The knowledge is all around us, you just have to know where to get it. I hate when I see someone of the age of like 24 with the reading comprehension of a toddler. It’s so sad. I don’t know whether or not to smack them or teach them. Yeah yeah, it begins with the parents BUT… At a certain age you have to take responsibility for yourself and pick a book up. It’s not hard, it’s actually very simple. African-Americans used to be killed for reading books and trying to gain knowledge, guess it’s true what they say. “Knowledge is power”. I just think it’s a shame that we as a people don’t want anything to do with a book now that we’re actually allowed to read them. We should be taking every opportunity we get to learn and be successful. I guess the behavior has been rooted too deeply into the African-American psyche. Maybe we don’t want to learn anything, maybe we’ve been set up for failure, maybe my brothers and sisters will always be statistics, when will it end?


Goku or Superman? Who will be the victor in this epic battle? You decide!

Ya know I gotta go for Goku in my opinion. I mean c’mon, how does Superman stand a chance against a saiyan like Goku. I’ll list the ways Goku can win: 1)Goku is a saiyan and can go super saiyan at any moment dramatically increasing his power. 2)Goku can sense how strong Superman is to begin with, he already knows how hard he’s going to have to fight so he has the element of surprise. 3)Goku is a martial arts genius, Superman just throws haymakers all day. 4)Goku is impossibly fast and has Instant Transmission, how ya gonna beat that. 5)The energy blasts that Goku uses can damage Superman because it’s not brute strength, its inner ki, the kamehameha beam would definitely damage Superman. Let me know how you feel.