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Please…For the love of all that is sane…Pick…Up…A……BOOK!!!!

I’m truly sorry if this offends anyone out there, but I’m so sick and tired of seeing people of my demographic wasting their lives away in the chaos that is poverty. The knowledge is all around us, you just have to know where to get it. I hate when I see someone of the age of like 24 with the reading comprehension of a toddler. It’s so sad. I don’t know whether or not to smack them or teach them. Yeah yeah, it begins with the parents BUT… At a certain age you have to take responsibility for yourself and pick a book up. It’s not hard, it’s actually very simple. African-Americans used to be killed for reading books and trying to gain knowledge, guess it’s true what they say. “Knowledge is power”. I just think it’s a shame that we as a people don’t want anything to do with a book now that we’re actually allowed to read them. We should be taking every opportunity we get to learn and be successful. I guess the behavior has been rooted too deeply into the African-American psyche. Maybe we don’t want to learn anything, maybe we’ve been set up for failure, maybe my brothers and sisters will always be statistics, when will it end?


Stop with the superstitions already!!!

OK now before I get started on the matter of why superstitions are dumb, allow me to list and explain what and where they come from. Now lets start off with the number 13. OOOHHH!!! Don’t be scared people, it’s just a number. I’ll admit a whole lot of bad stuff has happened according with the number but can you really blame a simple number for your inconveniences…No!. At least, not a logical personal could. See there are many different origins that can be related to the number 13. For example, biblical accounts claim that Judas, the alleged “betrayer” of Jesus, was the thirteenth person to sit down at “the last supper” shortly before Jesus was “crucified”. Also, supposedly Jesus was crucified on Friday(in correlation with the 13th). On Friday, October 13, 1307, King Philip IV of France ordered the arrests and murders of the Knights Templars. Over the centuries the fear of the number 13 has been deeply rooted into the human psyche. So…What’s the truth behind the infamous number 13? Well…This actually comes from our ancient ancestors, who were very enlightened people. To the Ancient Egyptians 13 was a very sacred number representing Enlightenment. See the Egyptians believed in the 12 steps of the path of evolution in the physical life. The 13th step was the final transcendence of the cycles of incarnation to achieve enlightenment. The number 13 also had significance to the Ancient Chinese. Just look at nature and you can see what they saw. There are 13 lunar cycles in a year and the path of the moon across the sky is over 13 degrees. So why is this number soooooo bad? I believe it was the misunderstanding of certain events, and because man has to have a reason for everything…He came up with one. But what can you do to counter this ol wives’ tale? Confront the superstition head-on.For example – if you are afraid of the number 13 or Friday 13, go and do things that include the number 13 and make Friday 13 a special day for activities with your family or friends.Celebrate Friday 13 with a meal or some other treat.Go to the shops on Friday 13 and purchase 13 of something, or purchase something that includes the number 13 in the price.If you are afraid of walking under a ladder then make an effort to go into town and walk under as many ladders as you encounter.If you are afraid of breaking a mirror then obtain a cheap mirror and break it – being careful not to cut yourself and disposing of the pieces safely where no one else can cut themselves.At first these actions might give rise to anxiety, apprehension or even fear, but nevertheless you must confront these emotions and continue regardless. For example whenever such an emotion arises, say firmly “”Cancel!, Cancel!, Cancel!” continuing until it dissipates.lol