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Ya know I gotta go for Goku in my opinion. I mean c’mon, how does Superman stand a chance against a saiyan like Goku. I’ll list the ways Goku can win: 1)Goku is a saiyan and can go super saiyan at any moment dramatically increasing his power. 2)Goku can sense how strong Superman is to begin with, he already knows how hard he’s going to have to fight so he has the element of surprise. 3)Goku is a martial arts genius, Superman just throws haymakers all day. 4)Goku is impossibly fast and has Instant Transmission, how ya gonna beat that. 5)The energy blasts that Goku uses can damage Superman because it’s not brute strength, its inner ki, the kamehameha beam would definitely damage Superman. Let me know how you feel.


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