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Okay so check this out, my grandmother tells me to pull my pants up the other day. Now wait a minute I know what your thinking but my pants weren’t thaaaaaat low, and ya know I’m 20 years old so of course I dress like the rest of urban youth but I got my own style as well. Some days I like to sag a little, BIG DEAL. I don’t do it to the extreme. And on others days I like to have my pants up and dress prep. Given my grandma is like old enough to  have been there for the big bang, I can see how she’s stuck in her ways and a little old fashioned. And another thing… I’M A GROWN F#*&ING MAN AND I’LL WEAR MY PANTS HOWEVER THE F*&% I SEE FIT!!!!!! Now don’t get me wrong I got nothing but love for my grandma but at the same time she’s not going to run and rule what I do. When a man puts effort and time into something it is then his to have and do with whatever he wants to. Well I’ve worked hard hours at McDonalds for these jeans and I’m gonna wear’em how I want. It may seem petty but it’s my choice to be petty. So this goes out to you grandma. SHUT THE F&%$ UP!!!!!!!

ol lady


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