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Leave me the HELL ALONE!!!

WTF man!! I can’t stand this. Everywhere I go some bum takes it upon himself to ask me for something insignificant like a quarter to feed his family. Are you serious? I mean you got to be kidding me, I’m so sick and tired of old dudes who smell like past due coleslaw and expired grandma farts asking me for money that I probably don’t have to begin with. And I hate the fact that they ask you at the store. Come on! First of all if I’m at the store chances are that I’m going to spend the money that I have, meaning that you wont be getting any even if you make those bumish puppy dog eyes at me. And secondly if I DO have change over it’s not for you, besides you’ll just go and spend it on drinks and smokes. If I ever decide to help one of these guys out I’m giving the food not the money and then let’s see their reaction. tisk tisk tisk…


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