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Goku or Superman? Who will be the victor in this epic battle? You decide!

Ya know I gotta go for Goku in my opinion. I mean c’mon, how does Superman stand a chance against a saiyan like Goku. I’ll list the ways Goku can win: 1)Goku is a saiyan and can go super saiyan at any moment dramatically increasing his power. 2)Goku can sense how strong Superman is to begin with, he already knows how hard he’s going to have to fight so he has the element of surprise. 3)Goku is a martial arts genius, Superman just throws haymakers all day. 4)Goku is impossibly fast and has Instant Transmission, how ya gonna beat that. 5)The energy blasts that Goku uses can damage Superman because it’s not brute strength, its inner ki, the kamehameha beam would definitely damage Superman. Let me know how you feel.


Old people suck!! Seriously… Smh

Okay so check this out, my grandmother tells me to pull my pants up the other day. Now wait a minute I know what your thinking but my pants weren’t thaaaaaat low, and ya know I’m 20 years old so of course I dress like the rest of urban youth but I got my own style as well. Some days I like to sag a little, BIG DEAL. I don’t do it to the extreme. And on others days I like to have my pants up and dress prep. Given my grandma is like old enough to  have been there for the big bang, I can see how she’s stuck in her ways and a little old fashioned. And another thing… I’M A GROWN F#*&ING MAN AND I’LL WEAR MY PANTS HOWEVER THE F*&% I SEE FIT!!!!!! Now don’t get me wrong I got nothing but love for my grandma but at the same time she’s not going to run and rule what I do. When a man puts effort and time into something it is then his to have and do with whatever he wants to. Well I’ve worked hard hours at McDonalds for these jeans and I’m gonna wear’em how I want. It may seem petty but it’s my choice to be petty. So this goes out to you grandma. SHUT THE F&%$ UP!!!!!!!

ol lady

12 Sky 2 by Ariea Games… Is it the hottest MMORPG ever?

I’ve played 12 Sky 2 and I have to say that it’s pretty freaking great. The graphics are amazing and the pvp system is the best I’ve seen in all the mmorpg’s I’ve played. The quests aren’t so great though,but you do get really cool items for completing them. The monsters are creative and their behaviors differ, which I think is a key asset when playing a game with so many different kinds. There are many different bosses to defeat and item drops are pretty generous. Also there is a battlegrounds system that lets characters of that same level group fight against other clans. There are many different battlegrounds, the battlegrounds your character can enter depend on your character level. And as in most massive multiplayer online role playing games, you can customize and upgrade your armor and weapons. You can also claim the rights to a powerful pet. All in all I give 12 Sky 2 an 8 out of 10, but hey don’t just take what I say as the good to go, try it out for yourselves and let me know what you think.

Is my dryer secretly a sock eating monster?

How does this happen? Every time, and I kid you not, I put a load of clothes in the dryer my socks come up missing. I’m so confused as to how this happens. I suspect the dryer is working for some top secret group trying to achieve world domination by eating people’s socks. I mean this is just horrible. My socks come out the washer just fine but when I put them in the dryer they never come back out. I’m sure I’m not the only guy who deals with this problem. If you think about it what’s a better way to take over the world then to eat everyone’s socks, I mean who wants cold feet. This is a fair warning to everyone out there, please watch your dryer. If there are signs of sock theft please contact the proper authority… Oh wait, the police might be on payroll. Okay don’t call the police just smash it to bits and hope that covert dryer ops aren’t coming for you.

Sock Monster

What is with this whole Jay-Z and the devil deal?

You know sometimes I wonder about people and what they do and if what they do is as sinless as what I do, and you want to know another thing… WHO F*%#!ING CARES!!! I mean come on are we really saying that Jay-Z worships the devil? Why not ask him yourself and stop coming up with half baked excuses for why he’s rich. And as for the whole Illuminati thing, if he WAS in it you wouldn’t know and besides, and this isn’t to bring Jay-Z or anyone down but the Illuminati is a very very old and wealthy organization made up of only the most elite of the rich and powerful. They don’t want anybody telling their business, especially someone famous with the world watching their every movement. I believe this is just a way to attack those who are wealthy and black. Your basically stating that the only way for an African-American to achieve wealth and power is to make blood sacrifices and worship the devil. What a load of bull. This can’t be serious. That’s like a spy going up to someone and saying, Hey I’m a spy. WHAT?! That’ll never happen. I’m loosing faith in mankind everyday, I simply ask that you go look up the facts and stop with the publicity. All you want is to make some money off another guys name, that’s so lame of you. Go get a life and get off his balls.

Leave me the HELL ALONE!!!

WTF man!! I can’t stand this. Everywhere I go some bum takes it upon himself to ask me for something insignificant like a quarter to feed his family. Are you serious? I mean you got to be kidding me, I’m so sick and tired of old dudes who smell like past due coleslaw and expired grandma farts asking me for money that I probably don’t have to begin with. And I hate the fact that they ask you at the store. Come on! First of all if I’m at the store chances are that I’m going to spend the money that I have, meaning that you wont be getting any even if you make those bumish puppy dog eyes at me. And secondly if I DO have change over it’s not for you, besides you’ll just go and spend it on drinks and smokes. If I ever decide to help one of these guys out I’m giving the food not the money and then let’s see their reaction. tisk tisk tisk…

Windows Vista hates me…:-((

Forgive me father for I have sinned. I have had many horrible thoughts of how I wanted to kill my computer. I’ve thought of choking it to death and putting the body in a lake. I have also wanted put it into a meat grinder and then bury what’s left of it in the backyard. And if that isn’t bad enough, to top it off I would also like to throw it into oncoming traffic and then stomp it and set it on fire till I can’t tell what I’m looking at anymore. By now you’ve got to be thinking, OMG! What on earth did Windows Vista do to deserve such a fate, well let me explain. Got a brand spanking new laptop with Windows Vista on it. Well not too long after the purchase I started noticing problems. The computer started shutting down on its own accord and it crashes every chance it gets. And this darn thing doesn’t even have the decency to let you complete what your working on before out of nowhere it decides to shutdown. I mean who gave it the right. Also after a good while of having these complications I take the pc up to the Geek Squad hoping they can save it’s life because I’m nearing my boiling point. Got the computer back and same problems but now their worse. For a long time I couldn’t even turn the pc on. Then I go and get a new hardrive and install it. Ugh big mistake. It still won’t act right and the same error message keeps coming up telling me uninstall Windows and reinstall it again because Windows is having problems. I really wish I could but the friggin computer won’t play any cd’s I put in it. It just kicks’em right back out. Ya know if I could I would beat the hell out of this thing but its all I got.